TNPSC Group 2A Cut Off marks 2017 @ | Gr-IIA Expected Cut Off for SC ST OBC General

TNPSC Group 2A Cut Off Marks 2017

Hello friends, Here we updated TNPSC Group 2A Cut off Marks 2017. The below-mentioned marks are derived from previous year cut off marks. Everyone can know the Group 2 Non-interview Post Exam Expected Cutoff marks 2017 for General, OBC, SC, ST, PSTM, PH etc categories. By this, you can have a clear idea of about the Pass Marks of Gr-IIA Exam 2017.

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What is Cut Off Marks?

Cut off Marks in exams means the limit set. Above cut off means you are passed and have been selected to next level. And getting marks below cutoff means you have not been selected or disqualified in the exam. Let’s say this too, Cut off mark is the minimum mark or percentage that a candidate requires entering next level.

TNPSC Group 2A Model Question Paper

Expected TNPSC Group 2A Cut Off Marks 2017

TNPSC Group 2A 2017 Exam Level Analysis

Today GROUP-2A Question Scenario. To download the 2017 Original Question Paper Click Here

  • TAMIL – Normal Paper, Without careless mistakes one Can score 95+.
  • GENERAL ENGLISH – Similar to Tamil Paper, One Can score 95+.
  • GMA(MATHS) – Standard Paper can score 22+.
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS – 2016 to Very Recent like President Election. (very factual)
  • GENERAL STUDIES – Good Paper as many Qns were Tricky and outside School Text Books-Good Trend.
TNPSC Group-IIA 2017 Expected Cut off Marks (Based on No.of correct questions)
Male Female
General 162+ 157+
BC 160+ 156+
MBC 158+ 155+
BC(M) 153+ 148+
SC 154+ 149+
SC(A) 150+ 146+
ST 148+ 142+
Note: For PSTM deduct around 2-3 Qns in the respective Category.
For PH deduct around 4-9 Qns in the respective category.

Radian IAS Academy’s Group 2A Cut-off 2017

TNPSC Group-IIA 2017 Expected Cut off Marks Prediction by Radian IAS Academy
Male Female
General 161+ 158+
BC 159+ 157+
MBC 156+ 154+
BC(M) 151+ 148+
SC 153+ 150+
SC(A) 149+ 146+
ST 144+ 140+
Note: For PSTM deduct around 2-3 Qns in the respective Category.
For PH deduct around 4-9 Qns in the respective category.

Arul IAS Academy’s Group 2A Cut-off 2017

TNPSC Group-IIA 2017 Expected Cut off Marks  By Arul IAS Academy
Male Female
General 160+ 158+
BC 155+ 153+
MBC 152+ 149+
BC(M) 151+ 147+
SC 147+ 145+
SC(A) 141+ 139+
ST 143+ 141+
Note: For PSTM deduct around 2-3 Qns in the respective Category.
For PH deduct around 4-9 Qns in the respective category.

Detailed Group 2(A) Cut Off Analysis With Justification

TNPSC Group 2A Previous Year(Old) Question Paper[2014, 2016]

TNPSC Group 2A Cut Off Marks 2016

Last Year TNPSC has conducted the Group Two Non-Interview Posts exam on 24-01-2016 for filling up 1947 Non Interview Posts. More than 8.5 lakhs candidates applied for 1947 TNPSC Group II-A Examination 2016. The 2016 Exam was little tough compared with 2014 exam. To download 2016th Original Question Paper Click Here

TNPSC Group-IIA 2016 Cut off Marks (Based on No.of correct questions)
Male Female
General 151+ 149+
BC 147+ 145+
MBC 145+ 144+
BC(M) 143+ 141+
SC 141+ 139+
SC(A) 137+ 134+
ST 134+ 131+
Note: For PSTM deduct around 2-3 Qns in the respective Category.
For PH deduct around 4-9 Qns in the respective category.

TNPSC Group 2A Exam Details 2017

  • Name of Organization: Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
  • Post Name: Assistants in Various Department of TN Govt.
  • Vacancy Details: 1953
  • Category name: Cut Off Marks
  • Status: Pre Exam Cut-Off Updated
  • Job Category: Tamilnadu Govt
  • Job Location: Tamilnadu
  • Examination Date: August 6, 2017
  • Group 2A Result Date: 21.11.2017
  • Official Website:

When will be Group 2A Result announced?

Due to changes made in VAO & Group 4 exams is the delay in publishing Group 2A results. Most likely to be released by the end of this month.

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    • Yarukame correct ah solla mudila….nenga ccse4 prepare pannikitae irukanga………samacheer kalvu book nala patingaaaa.nga …result vanthal than mudivu theriyum……9351 job. ……….nala padinga…..

  1. Intha grp 2a result varuma varatha intha tnpsc yenthan ippadi panrangalo. India fulla test vaikira Upsc ,ssc ,Ibps Ella oru varam illana one month la result viduranga verum one state tn mattum exam vachi posting poda one year. Ithalam Yaru than kepankalo kadavulae Intha tn kapathu. Ithu nama govt staff oda Laziness apatama theriuthu..

  2. @ravindaran its true BC Male 158 above get job.. in same website one said 160+is safe , one other said 162 + is safe which is true .. I 159 ques correct thats why i having tension . . I think u know our problems .. which one is correct..
    160 above 600 candidates only eruntha enaku chance erukuma that means 159 que correct persons elarukum..

    • @Suresh don’t worry..2016 gr 2a la 155+ Q’s BC Ku kidaitheruku..2016 Q’s um 2017 Q’s um same than…this time 300 posting increase compared last only 2 or 3 Q’s increase aagalam..may be..

      • It’s not about vacancy,it’s about competition.besides not 300 postings ,those who got 158+ be confident enough.comparing to last group 4 dramatic cut off increase this time we could expect the similar situation for group 2a too.i contacted rajaboobathi personally and he mentioned that 160+ safe for BC,165+ safe for general.congrats for group 4.use these time wise get secured in Ur career.all the best aspirants

  3. Hi, I’m Prabu. I got 167/200 questions. Last year group 4(Nov 2016) la 192/200 questions. I’m BC Male Non-PSTM. Result eppo varum Guys?

  4. friends tell your approximation about the count of candidates got above 160 questions correct in group2a exam…3 months ah elarkum oru idea irukumla…pls share us…

  5. Hi all… Comparing with grp4 the results published 105 days aft the exam. So I expecting the results on nov’s my prediction only. I got 161 BC MALE. THANK YOU.

  6. Hi Aspirants,
    My sister got correct 159 questions in group2a…BC Female with PG degree with no pstm…Job kidaikuma ??Reply panunga friends

  7. Hi everyone ,
    I scored 168 mark (BC male). I shaded subject code 004 instead of 002..whether they will reject my paper?plz reply me guys.. I m gettin tensed now a days

  8. helllloooo Admin…….group 2 a score 160/200 my age is 21 with no pstm……… i have a chance or not??????? bcz many ppl says ma age matters a lot to qualify in tnpsc exam……is it true????

    • Bc 160nu soltranga..evlo par 160 iruppanganu theriala….natraj institute sir 153 and above nu soltranga.. Hope ah irunga, next exam nalla padinga…

  9. Anaivarukum vanakum..
    One important que- gr 2 interview post la select anavanga ethana per gr 2 A CV la vara vaipu erukum.. pls reply frds..

  10. I 159 questions correct BC male (age32)without PSTM… Radian ias academy ly said 159+ but all other institute 155+ have a chance for BC … here so many comments are updated, 1 said 157 is safe , other said 160+ is safe for BC Male.. I need a definite expect cutoff.. what is the chance for BC Male… and also me


  12. Hi, I got 164 ques correct and am belongs to BC community and with PG degree.. I think am deserved. But your opinion guys?????

  13. 161 ques correct in group2a
    without pstm..i did U.G physics …my age is also 23…bc female..any chance frnds..pls leave a reply frnds…

  14. hi guys i have one doubt on tnpsc group2a answer key so3 2- with o gives so4 2- in this reaction which is lewis acid and base .according to lewis concept acids are electrons acceptors and bases are electrons,so3 2- is lewis acid and oxygen is lewis base but in the govt answer key vice versa please explain me which is correct

  15. According to Lewis concept, acids are electron acceptor and bases are electron donors.regarding this oxygen is Lewis base and so3 2- is Lewis acid. This is my understanding but the key is vice versa. So please explain me

  16. Hi friends I have one doubt in answer key. So3 2- with o gives so4 2- in this question which is Lewis acid and base.any one tell us clear explanation

    • @elavarasan unga age 30+ ah iruntha 155 mark la 100 per iruntha koda unga rank hike agum but neenga 25 kula irukinga unga mark la 100 per irunthalum neenga 90 per ku Mela poiduvinga but hope ah irunga kidaikum …2 more question correct pani iruntha 100% expect pana lam unga category ku

      • Hindu religious groub7B
        Hindu religious groub8
        Agricultural officer
        Industries and commerce officer
        Intha 4 exam ku result varanum athuku apuram than Groub 2A result
        Maybe December 2nd week expect panalam bro

        • @Elango bro exam nadantha order la lam result expect pana things group 2 preliminary exam 2015 la conduct pananga but result last month than publish pananga after 3 month expect pana lam may be November 6 ku Mela November 30 kula varum

  17. i got 159 questions ….under mbc female category….without pstm…if suppose refrigerator question grace mark kudutha 160 agum,,,otherwise 159 questionku confirm job kedaikuma..pls reply

  18. Guys, what is the expected cutoff for mbc general category? Bcz most of the people belongs mbc as much I seen…for my concern, this time expect mbc as higher than bc?…my question 160/200…any reply?

      • @mano….yes you are correct…same think happened in group 4… Even got 182,doesn’t call to cv aswell…but in bc friend got job in the same mark….so anything happend in result…let’s hope for the good one? How many questions u did in 2@?

  19. my no of questions corrected in tnpsc gr2a 159 questions…..IN TNPSC GR4 181 correct anathu counselling vara vanthathu but job kedaikala….159 questions ku confirm job kedaikuma….some people said 160+ ta safer side …..i’m under mbc female category without pstm,,,, is there any chance to get the job confirm

    • Its enough.. Grp 4 la easy qstn paper for 15 lakhs candidate.. Ithula tough gk part for 5.5 lakhs candidate.. Boyske 159 kedaikum nu namburanga.. Neenga lam dept enna varum nu yosinga

        • K neenga so famous institutes and group study panravanga then group 4 borderla miss panavangala visarichu parunga…800 nu solrulinga unga kuda hard work panuna frndsa kelunga frnd..elatyaium vidunga ungaluku therinju 160 plus evlo per nu confirma irukanga frnd? 300 irunthalae athisayam than…

          • @naveen 1 week munnadi DD oru link send pananga la antha link la poi parunga ithuvaraikum 700 response vanthuiruku 160 above 110 per enter pani irukanga just 700 per competitors hiding behiends U

          • Bro @naveen oru kutty village enaku nanga friends oru 7 per padichom athula 160 ku Mela 4 per athumaari overall competition world la intha question paper standard than othukuren but ithula koda 175 lam potu irukanga la so neenga paarunga 160 above lot no of peoples around 700-800

    • hi,i also got 181 questions correct in group4 and im also under mbc category but enaku cv kuda varala .ungaluku cv and counsiling attend pannium job kedaikalaya any reason for that .cv kuppidum pothe correcta vaccancy evalavu pero avalavu per kuppittanga also in mbc category 34 posts are vaccant for 2nd phase .please tell your or and cr

    • u have 30% women’s reservation quota but if u scored 3 more questions damn sure to deserve sorry u have only 80% of chances god grace ennavo athan

  20. Hi friends,

    Indha time competition adhigama compared to last year? above 160 marks evalo candidates irupanga? any idea ??gr4 la saema competition…adhan.atleast 160 ku maela oru 500 candidates irupangala ? illa inum adhigama irupanga? approximate ah solunga friends?

  21. hi guys iam kumaran i got 162 questions correct in grp2a and i belongs to mbc male and no pstm.please tell me is there any chance to get job

  22. Overall 160+mark evlo member irupanga..any idea ..then unga frns circlela evlo highest score…therija repl panuga frns..

    • Kulirpathanapetti kuliruutumpetti Both ans in Tamil book… two questions wrong in both Tamil and English especially refrigerator question so mark kuduka 99% chance iruku don’t fl 158 ahum

  23. 159 questions correct is there any chance to get the job confirm… Under MBC female category without pstm…. Bcoz in Tnpsc gr4 more no of people. Border la job miss. That’s y I’m asking…pls reply


  24. Sir this is padmavathi. K
    I did MBA group 2a. 150question correct. BC(differently abled ortho) i have any chance for getting job

  25. Sir oru question Ku two options answer ra irunthuchuna 2 option na choose pann vangaluku mattum mark kodupangala ila all candidate’s Ku grace mark koduthuruvngala??? especially refrigerator question sir

  26. I am with 161 questions correct and belong to sc community male candidate with no I have any chance sir…please comment on this…

  27. i am thilagavathi. i got 147questions right in group2a 2017. MCA degree, bc, women, pstm for degree, 10th & 12 th. both higher in tamil and english type writing.
    any chance eruka sir?

  28. Sir i saw detailed discussion about cutt off in this page
    .who is Natraj instead of TNPSC(Nit).and I got 154 BC female.any chance

  29. Haiii sir……i am also checked in official key of group 2A exam…i got only 154/200….i am sc candidate…any chance to me….plz ur comment

    • Kumaravel 160 is safe you have pstm so 95 % you have chance and one credit for u if 200 members lies in same mark in 157 mean s you get 1 st bcoz u 47 age
      Hope u have chance and blessing god to you get job bcoz in 47 aged one to get 157 questions correct in this toughest group 2a is impossible

  30. Pls dnt see private keys bcoz different and from different institutions…so only will see tnpsc official keys..then all are decide marks

  31. Can u pls tell us the above mentioned is no of questions or marks ?! I’m getting 122 questions correct and marks will be 170 plus is there is any chances pls reply sir…..
    I belong to bc and female

  32. Sir, you are telling on which basis sir, no of questions correct or total score which got by correct questions *1.5, i got 115 questions correct, is there any chance sir?

  33. sir, i ve got 115 questions correct in it pass mark. i belong to bc category.female. what is my cutoff mark.

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